Dr. Shaffer,

We came to the CURE Counseling Centre about 2 months before we were to become a blended family.  I had 2 teenagers and my new fiancee’ had 2 teens as well.  Our family-to-be was relationally challenged because we did not possess the life skills or the coping skills needed to bring our new family together in a way that would help us develop the bonded, blended family we desired.
After several months of couples and family counseling, we have experienced a new wave of understanding in how to build the functioning blended family we desired.

We, as parents, had to learn how to work with our teens, how to communicate better with them, how to manage and resolve conflict, and mostly, how to start enjoying the family life we all wanted.

Our family is definitely not perfect and we still have many things to learn, but we are much farther along than when we came to CURE Counseling.  Words cannot express how much we have appreciated the effort and concern that we have experienced at CURE Counseling.  In fact, one of our sons was flunking  out of the 8th grade and most likely was not going to go to high school.  I am so proud to tell you that not only did he pass 8th grade, he is now an A-B student, has joined ROTC and just passed the 9th grade!

My new husband and I are so thankful that you stuck with us through so many ups and downs and for standing by us as we have witnessed our family come to the place where it is today!
Thank so much!

Ron & Susan