Brown’s ADD/ADHD Assessment

From more than 25 years of clinical interviews and research with children, adolescents and adults who have ADD/ADHD, Dr. Brown has developed an expanded model to describe the complex cognitive functions impaired in ADD Syndrome. This model describes executive functions, the cognitive management system of the human brain.

Career Assessment THE CALL

What do you dream about doing with your life? What would you do — right now — if you had complete freedom to choose a career or a college education? Would you do exactly what you’re doing right now? Do you long to do something different?

KBIT2 – Brief Intelligence Test

Professionals depend on the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT) to measure both verbal and nonverbal ability. The second edition, also developed by leading cognitive ability experts Alan and Nadeen Kaufman, gives you the same practical and affordable test with enhanced benefits.

Millon™ Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD™)

The MBMD assessment helps provide a broader understanding of the personal reality that each patient faces. By helping identify psychosocial assets and liabilities that may affect an individual’s response to treatment, the MBMD test enables clinicians to develop tailored treatment recommendations.


MMPI-2-RF® (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-RF™)

Composed of 338 items, with the RC (Restructured Clinical) Scales at its core, the MMPI-2-RF builds on the strengths of the MMPI®-2 test to create a new standard. Psychometrically up-to-date, the MMPI-2-RF is linked to current models of psychopathology and personality.


The Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire  is a 100 item, self-administered, true-false questionnaire that yields diagnoses consistent with the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for the Axis II Disorders.  It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Professional Personal Assessments

Psychological Testing is a field characterized by the use of samples of behavior in order to assess psychological construct(s), such as cognitive and emotional functioning, about a given individual. The technical term for the science behind psychological testing is psychometrics. By samples of behavior, one makes observations over time of an individual performing tasks that have usually been prescribed beforehand, which often means scores on a test. These responses are often compiled into statistical tables that allow the evaluator to compare the behavior of the individual being tested to the responses of a norm group.
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Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis® (T-JTA®) Personality Assessment for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Relationship

Counseling Authors: Robert M. Taylor and Lucile P. Morrison

Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4)

CURE Counseling & Assessment Training Centre offers the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT-4). This test is an achievement test which measures an individual’s ability to read words, comprehend sentences, spell and compute solutions to math problems. The test currently is in its fourth revision.