Dr. Shaffer & Kevin,

We just wanted to express our heartfelt appreciation for you and your counseling team.  Your caring team approach to counseling is probably what saved our child and blended family from destruction.  Initially, my son was having some extreme anger and relational issues, even to the point of wanting to do great physical harm to my husband and me.

When we came to CURE Counseling, my son hated his step-father and had no respect for me, or even for our very lives.  He was flunking out of the 7th grade and he exhibited high levels of anti-social behavior.  Because of the counsel we received at your centre, we ended up turning him into the police and had him removed from the home.  Even during that time, when others turned from him out of fear or just not knowing what to do, you and your team turned to him, reached out to him and were able to draw him in to your confidence.  You created a safe haven for him, which tremendously helped to bring to light the roots of the issues involved.

In short, because you stuck with us, supported us, worked through our blended family issues and provided the personal, couples and family counseling that was necessary to facilitate healing, today, our relationship with my son has so vastly improved that there, once again, is peace in our home.  And he, as an individual, has so dramatically changed, that he is now an A-B student, demonstrates a respectful attitude toward us, and is a much happier, contented person overall.

We can’t say thank you enough for your patience, counsel and tenacity during one of the most trying times in our lives.
With much appreciation,

Brandy and Jon