TeensRockTEENs ROCK is an interactive experience where teens learn about character, social skills and manners all in one setting over an 8 week period.  Teens are placed in age appropriate groups and taught new skills to aid in their personal development.  Fun, games and prizes are a part of this interactive experience.  The theme is ‘friends learning together to develop totally warm character”.

Character training is composed of teaching trust, respect, caring, confidence, fairness & citizenship.  A Character Award is given to the child/teen who exhibits the best character during the whole TEEN ROCK Experience.  Transitioning from one activity to another, learning to wait, learning to do what is asked, how to handle a situation when a friend says no, losing, teamwork, trying something new and how to accept criticism are key social skills taught along with key aspects of Character.  Manners are taught and modeled according to age appropriate settings.