exec-coachExecutive Life Coaching refers to the activity of a coach in developing the abilities of coachees or clients. Coaching tends to focus on the achievement by coachees of a goal or specific skill or skill sets.  At CURE Counseling our goal is to help people take more control of their lives and find ways to make their lives more meaningful and valuable. Additionally, we teach new life skills that aid in life and professional development by teaching, training and modeling these behaviors and skills.
Methodologies for coaching are positioned away from the directive or the facilitative, and rest on accompanying clients within a dialogue that will allow emerging patterns and solutions to surface. Coaching lies out of the scale between mentoring and training on one end, and psychotherapy and counseling at the other.
There are many applications of coaching ranging from sport, to business, to niches such as divorce or motivational speaking. Sessions may be either one-on-one or in a group setting, in-person or over the telephone or by video conferencing. Today, coaching is a recognized discipline used by many professionals engaged in human development focused on achieving results.