Introduction to The CURE-Me Series

The Shaffer’s now introduce to you their concepts, suggestions and proven theories on a variety of topics and challenges that can present themselves on a routine basis in our daily lives. The nature of human challenges is that they are “common to man”; no one escapes them.  Male or female, culture to culture, they ARE and they WILL BE.  But, as stated in CURE LifeSights Relational Skills & Tools, challenges are OPPORTUNITIES to make needed adjustments in our way of thinking, which is reflected in our attitudes and behavior.  These adjustments are quite necessary to improve our quality of life and relationships.

If you are hungry for self-improvement and realize that you have not been equipped with all the answers required to live satisfactorily in daily life, then you might want to consider reading the CURE Me Series!  You will discover time tested and proven methods to enhance your self-esteem, your relationships, your sex life, your finances, and much more.  You’ll be pleased with the results you experience as you learn and apply new guidelines and principles in various areas of your life.  Learn, Apply and Enjoy!