CURE Counseling & Assessment Training Centre is based on the premise that each individual is unique and special, and his or her needs must be addressed in a way that is meaningful to them.  This approach affirms the value and importance of each person.
Effort is expended to determine the root need/s of each client and CURE utilizes a variety of resources to help determine how best to provide practical solutions for those needs.   Time is spent with the needs of the client in mind.  Our work is a collaborative effort of the office team and the counseling team to provide the best possible counseling experience available.  Our goal is to add value to the lives of our clients.  CURE goes beyond many counseling centers by offering a beautiful, serene atmosphere in which one can enjoy the use of our Wi-Fi, watching TV, or just relaxing in the waiting room.

CURE is a Counseling Centre, an Assessment Centre and a Training Centre

Counseling Centre

As a counseling centre, we provide traditional counseling while employing a variety of counseling theories and techniques to meet the needs of our clients.  Our therapy is solution focused and strives to provide practical LifeSights for presenting problems.

Assessment Centre

Assessments are used to help determine the etiology of the presenting concerns.  As a result, the client’s root issues are discovered faster and counseling solutions can be offered with more precision.  In essence, more time is spent on resolving concerns than in traditional counseling alone, where feelings may be the focus and no practical solutions offered to resolve issues to produce a better quality of life.

Many clients have expressed appreciation for this faster and more specific approach to counseling, because, in the long run, it saves more time and money and makes the counseling experience more beneficial.

Training Centre

Most clients see value in the assessments offered at CURE. The results gained by the assessments provide the basis for much of the psycho-educational training that many receive.  Videos, workbooks, slide shows, bibliotherapy, CD’s, mp3’s and a host of other tools are used to add variety in the training of our clients.  Skilled therapists become more educational as they train and teach the clients better ways of handling old issues and concerns.

Many clients are desirous to be trained or re-trained and most desire new skill sets to be taught.  As a result of the non-traditional methods used, traditional counseling is turbo-charged and the counseling experience becomes more valuable to our clientele and is seen as more of an investment rather than an expense.