7 Habits for Happy Kids

CURE Counseling provides children with training in The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Below is an overview of the book and the habits.

Angry Kids & Frustrated Parents

Aggression among youth is at its highest level; it can include behaviors like not following instructions, whining, crying and teasing.  At it’s most extreme, it can involve assault, rape, robbery, and murder.

Character Training for Children/Teens

CURE Counseling offers several training options for Children and Teens.  KiDZ ROCK & TEENs ROCK is an interactive group experience that provides “Kharacter Training,” Social Skills Training and other needed, age appropriate skill sets.

KiDZ / TEEN ROCK (Social Skills, Manners & Character)

KiDZ / TEEN ROCK is an interactive experience where kids learn about character, social skills and manners all in one setting over an 8 week period.  Children are placed in age appropriate groups and taught new skills to aid in their personal development.  Fun, games and prizes are a part of this interactive experience.  The theme is ‘friends learning together to develop totally warm character”.

Manners for Children/Teens

Manner’s for KiDZ and Teens is a video series that is integrated with personal counseling. Children and Teens discuss key concepts and life skills that will aid them in the development of age appropriate behaviors.

Psycho-Educational Training

Psycho-Educational Training involves teaching and training children and bringing them to the point of embracing new skill sets that are being taught.  Our goal at CURE Counseling & Assessment Training Centre is to add value to the life of our clients by making every effort to make sure they apply what they are learning.  Thus the axiom, Teacher’s Teach and Learner’s Learn – A Teacher has not taught until the Learner Learns is a key concept embraced by the counselors at our Counseling  Centre.

Social Skills Training for Children

Social Skills training is available in personal counseling settings and in group settings. Children and Teens are presented with new concepts of what “social skills” should look like.  Concepts are taught, reinforced, applied and reviewed until most of the skills are demonstrated in the child’s/teen’s life.