temporarymentalCURE Counseling provides insights into the “mind of a teen” with the help of a DVD called “Adolescence & Other Temporary Mental Disorders”.  Our trained teen specialists use the DVD for aiding parents and training teens.

With plenty of thought-provoking as well as laugh-out-loud examples, Dr. Pat Friman explains how “insane” behavior on the part of teens is actually normal considering the different rates of development of parts of the brain. Because the prefrontal cortex which guides reason and logic is still developing in adolescents, it is often overruled by the limbic system, the part of the brain that reacts with emotion. Wild outbursts, risk-taking (drugs, alcohol, and sex), and thoughtless or embarrassing behaviors are therefore regrettable, but not abnormal behaviors in teens.

Dr. Friman will provide practical advice on which teen behaviors parents should address and how, and which behaviors they should simply ignore and accept as teenage “lunacy” that will be outgrown. Dr. Friman’s presentation is full of witty examples and wise insight, and he speaks directly to parents, caregivers, and educators who are looking to better understand and deal with the craziness of adolescence.  This DVD is available to rent from CURE Counseling & Assessment Training Centre.